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Casa Isota



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Introducing 'Sofia AL'

A remarkable Italian designer bag from Casa Isota that brings the rich heritage and elegance of the Mediterranean to your wardrobe. 

This top handle bag, masterfully handwoven by artisans in Italy, is a testimony to the age-old Italian weaving techniques. The 'Sofia AL' handbag, made in Italy, sets itself apart with a distinct hexagon web pattern, lending an edge of modern sophistication to its traditional design. 

Adorned in an enchanting mix of light and dark blue hues, this bag mirrors the vast Italian skies and seas, adding a dash of serenity to your look. The 'Sofia AL' is perfect for the contemporary woman who cherishes a blend of tradition, design, and the calming allure of Mediterranean colors. 

With 'Sofia AL', carry a piece of Italy's charm with you, subtly elevating your ensemble with its unique design and color palette.


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Made with the finest quality Italian leather by the hands of expert artisan hands in Southern Italy, Casa Isota sandals are offered in fresh, lively hues and relaxed, effortlessly elegant styles.